Lifestyle – Why to Live in Montenegro?

With less than 700 000 citizens and a surface of 13 812 km2, Montenegro is amongst the smallest countries in the world and on the European continent. Although is so small, it is extremely rich in nature and has 5 national parks that are spreading across the country.

Good to know

Montenegro is officially the first ecological country, announced in 1992.

The name Montenegro, originating from the Spanish language, literally means Black Mountain. The legend says that conquerors were approaching the coast of Montenegro and from their vessel, they have noticed the mountains on the horizon.  The mountains were so dark and dense that they instantly named it Monte Negro or Black Mountain.

The climate of Montenegro makes this country a new hotspot for travels! You get mild winters and hot summers if you live on the coast in the Mediterranean climate. But, if you live northern than Podgorica, the climate is more continental and winters can be much colder, mostly with snow up high in the mountains. Summers are still very warm, even in the furthest north of Montenegro.

Good to know

The coastline is very isolated. The city of Bar has almost 300 sunny days per year!

The Bay of Kotor will enchant you and that will probably be love at the first sight. Lord Byron once said about this bay ‘At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside’.

Montenegro lifestyle follows actual world trends. Such as Italians and French, Montenegrins are also good in fashion and that’s an important part of their lifestyle. You will be amazed how Montenegrin people like to look modern, fashionable and trendy. Shopping in Montenegro will also be amusing - directly from high-fashion runways to fashion stores, large shopping malls and local stores but everything visible on numerous fashionistas on the street.

Montenegro is surely amongst the most attractive new destinations in the world, located on the inevitable Mediterranean coast and with the charm of the Cote D’Azur but still very affordable and undiscovered.

Best Reasons for Living in Montenegro

Life made easy for business people with families

Numerous business people are choosing Montenegro as their new home! The last big real estate boom in Montenegro happened in 2007 when a very big number of Russian people got their property in Montenegro. Today, we are noticing numerous individual purchases and investments from France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, but also Turkey, Emirates, amongst which mostly Dubai, are always interested in investing here, too.

Business people with families have discovered the recipe of the happy life, even if they travel a lot. Frequently, businessmen are settling their families in Montenegro for most of the year, and thanks to the amazing location and connections they are travelling for work and coming back to their base at the Mediterranean. For purchasing the property, Montenegro seems perfect! You can buy all kinds and types of real estate, from luxury high-end villas to smart apartments or countryside Greenfield land. Montenegro seems to be amongst very few destinations left, where you can really buy a beautiful villa literally by the sea and with its own beach. As the offer, the prices are diverse too, so there is something for everyone!

Yacht owners with super and mega yachts are usually leaving the vessels in one of the marinas in Montenegro, as the affordable and modern berths are providing them with a very easy solution.

Montenegro is a nice place for families, indeed. The education system can be provided in English, at one of the international schools that are operating here for years. There are so many possibilities for indoor and outdoor activities and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. It is a safe country, member of the NATO, and the one that suffered wars on the Balkans the least.

Digital Nomads found their Paradise

If you are living a life of a digital nomad, this might be a place of your dreams! 5 reasons for living in Montenegro if you are a digital nomad:

  1. Location and climate – perfect;
  2. Life Expenses – modest and affordable, especially if you manage your own business;
  3. Business Opportunities – quite present and welcoming, perfect for investments and not just as a base;
  4. Sea, Sun, Mountains, Lakes – every moment of your free time will be fulfilled with amazing possibilities and attractive places;
  5. Friendly Environment – it’s a safe democratic multi-ethnic country that respects laws.

Food and wine

Montenegrin food and wine are much of a reason to think about this place as your new home! A long tradition of winemaking is best visible in the region of Crmnica, where almost every family has their own production. Montenegro has its autochthone sort of grapes, called Vranac and this is one of the most popular wines in the country. You will be able to buy it in every supermarket, but also at every restaurant or nightclub.

When it comes to food, Montenegrins like meat and fish. On the coast, you will get in touch with the seafood (Mediterranean cuisine with a local influence) but the continental cuisine is much different and much more present on the north. It’s what’s called the national cuisine of Montenegro. It’s a must to taste lamb or veal prepared in the special clay pot, but also kacamak and cicvara with the homemade sour milk. 

A regular plate found everywhere you go in Montenegro is the famous Njeguški suvi pršut (dried/smoked ham) made in the Lovćen region, served with Njeguški sir (cheese) and local olives. Perfect for an impromptu picnic: you will find any of these at one of the supermarkets together with a selection of bread from either rye, barley, wheat or the unusual cornbread.

Montenegro – Where the Adventure is guaranteed!

For children, but also for parents and adults, Montenegro is a playground for outdoor activities. Its nature is so wild and untouched that it takes your breath away. Except for the magical coast, Montenegrin mountains are the real miracle, indeed. Mostly glacial, steep and high, these are like leviathans when you stand at their bottom. Mountains usually have glacial lakes that are warm enough for a short swim during the summer, such as Black Lake (Crno Jezero) or Biograd Lake (Biogradsko Jezero). Assuming that these lakes are mostly located at about 2000 m altitude, you need to experience this unique chance to merge with the wild and at the same time tamed nature!

Wilderness of Montenegro is visible at every step you make. In the central part of the country, there is a national park called Skadar Lake and there are many reasons for visiting this world-protected wetland. Skadar Lake is a cryptodepression that means its level is beneath the sea level. Skadar Lake is a home to over 220 flora and fauna species and Dalmatian Pelican in particular.

You can’t be in Montenegro and not know about the mountain Lovcen that hugs the city of Cetinje and guards the Bay of Kotor at the same time. The last bishop of Montenegro, Njegos, was buried at the top of this mountain where his Mausoleum still stands tall and it’s the mausoleum at the highest altitude in the world.

Montenegro is all about the world’s records! The north of the country, together with UNESCO, is keeping the secret of the river Tara and its canyon, 2nd deepest in the world, after Colorado’s Grand Canyon. Tara River’s water is drinkable throughout its entire flow and this is a real miracle of nature! Sporty people of Montenegro have found numerous ways to enjoy this canyon, so you can see it by passing it on a zip line or enjoy its extremely fast rapids on the rafting tour.

Rafting in Montenegro is really an adventure not to be missed. Doesn’t matter if you are travelling with a group of friends, family or on a business trip, you should schedule your turn and feel the adrenaline. The wild beauty of Tara River and Canyon will play with you and this will be a memory to remember forever! The tour lasts for about 3 hours and you get all the equipment needed, as the insurance and a professional skipper to follow you. But you also do raft and help your team on the boat, which makes this an inevitable thing to do in Montenegro.

Close to the Tara Canyon, there is another stunning canyon close by, on the slopes of the Durmitor National Park. It is part of the flow of the river Komarnica and it’s called Canyon Nevidio. Literally translated in English this name would mean ‘no-see’ and it’s associated with the high cliffs surrounding you all the way through this amazing gorge. The sun or moonlight is not really approaching this place, so its name is quite symbolic. This is an adventure for adrenaline addicts, fit people and adventure seekers. The tours are organised on a high professional level, with professional guides and equipment suitable for this canyon.

All Montenegrin cliffs, hills and mountains are well marked with hiking and biking trails, for every nature lover. Many expats are enjoying, settling different kinds of excursions in their free time and assuming that this country is a travelling destination, you get to experience various levels of difficulty and offers. There are many unique spots in Montenegro when hiking a trail gets a different kind of meaning completely. For example, hiking along the Ulcinj Salina, currently out of order but a perfect spot for bird watching… Or biking in the Durmitor National Park, through unimaginable sceneries along the mountain trail. Not only the north but also the south is great for hiking. There is a marked hiking trail Orijen – Lovcen – Rumija that is extending all the way along the coast, in its mountainous hinterland! You start above the city of Herceg Novi, on the slopes of Orijen mountain and continuing around the Bay of Kotor, up to the national park Lovcen, over the villages in between Cetinje and Pastrovici and finishing on the slopes of mountain Rumija, located above the city of Bar. This tour can last up to a couple of days if you stop at night for camping and resting. With professionals, this can be a perfect family trip, if your children aren’t really small.

While hiking the Adriatic Transversal (Orijen – Lovcen – Rumija), you can prolong your adventure a bit and visit the beautiful Lipa Cave, located close to the Old Royal capital of Cetinje. This cave shows the genuine wilderness that leaves a lasting impression and makes the visit a memorable adventure. It’s the first cave of this type that is open for tourists' visit.

Montenegro is a country of miracles! While you are having fun on the sun, at the coast, while celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Budva, some people would rather be on the north, having Christmas fun on the skiing holidays. That’s right! Montenegro has ski resorts too. Zabljak and Kolasin on the north and Vucje in the central part are the ones that are always active and running. Latest investments in the north are also involving new ski resort and the ones planned are in Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac, on the slopes of mountain Bjelasica.

Following the modern lifestyle of the businessmen, influencers and millennials, Montenegro knows how to please you! Yoga and fitness retreats have never been so popular as today and Montenegrin nature and wilderness really answer this topic pretty well. Many professionals in this field have found their new home thanks to the huge request for yoga holidays in Montenegro!

If you are coming only for a vacation, you might fall in love and stay here forever, as it’s the country of the magnetic pull. A real jewel, located in Europe, right on the shores of the Mediterranean, but kept as the last secret from this area. Modern and affordable, this can really be the paradise you dreamed-off!

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