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Montenegro Tax Policy And New Companies Establishment 

Montenegro offers a very favourable climate for foreign investments, as the tax policy of this country requires lower claims compared to the rest of the European countries. The income tax is only 9% flat and the VAT is 21%. Considering how important tourism is for this country, there are reduced VAT rates for certain types of businesses, claiming only 7% VAT. All companies that are doing their business by the law have the VAT turnover possibility and this should be required once per month. The withholding tax shall be paid at the rate of 9% to a base made of gross revenue.

Besides moderate tax policy, Montenegro offers well-favored conditions for new companies establishment and the procedure is very easy. The procedure for establishing the company in Montenegro is not complicated at all and the initial capital can start from 1 €. Usually, investors in Montenegro are asking for professionals’ help that can lead them throughout the process. The bookkeeping system in Montenegro is quite advanced and modern, so you will probably have a smooth registration process.

The country of Montenegro does several projects with the EU, to motivate the local entrepreneurship, which results in many start-ups being established here in the last couple of years. Following the path of the EU integrations, Montenegro easily fulfils the conditions for joining the EU, so the European Community opened funding to invest in any suitable and quality projects in Montenegro. Any business subject or organization can apply for a funding if they have a quality business idea.

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