Magnificent residential complex close in Kotor Bay

Excellent Location ● Peaceful Neighborhood ● Magnificent Sea Views ● 100 m from the Sea

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  • Kotor Bay / Perast,
  • Completed
  • From: 31 m2 To: 273 m2
  • Start: 29 Jul 18 End: 01 May 19


Main Amenities

  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • This residential development features 5 high-end individual residences built close to the UNESCO protected historical village of Perast. Its location offers extraordinary views on the Kotor bays.

    The property has seismically resistant monolith reinforced concrete construction with brick filling. The outer bearing walls, whose thickness is 300mm, are cladded with natural Travertino Verona stone of total area of 7,500 m2. Under Travertino, there is a fourfold system of thermal and hydro insulation built according to the technology of thermal bridge, which, apart from other things, provides sound insulation are well. 

    The project has the total number of 37 apartments sizing from 35 to 232 m2. Out of 22 different types of apartment you can choose the option which suits you best, no matter whether it is a spacious family apartment or less comfortable apartment for one person. The average area of a bedroom is 22 m2. The apartments in  are sold with full finishing works for which quality materials are used such as the parquet made of best species of wood, granite ceramic Porcelanosa and sanitary equipment Villeroy & Boch and Noken. The windows are made of double chamber wooden profiles with a function of aeration, as these are the best windows! What is common to all the apartments is that they offer spacious, nicely designed and functional living area where one feels best. Each apartment has an optic internet connection, and installed satellite TV with a great choice of channels well.  

    The complex is at the distance of less than 2 km from the entrance to the Old Town of Kotor which was mentioned in the works of ancient writers of the Roman Empire. The Old Town of Kotor is on the world heritage list of UNESCO. Next to the walls of the Old Town of Kotor there is a picturesque market which has been famous for its choice of fresh and healthy food from the neighbouring farms and you can buy homemade goat cheese and wine! In the Old Town there are 28 fish restaurants with excellent offer of fish specialties which would satisfy the taste of every guest. The nearby port provides a place to anchor your yacht and enjoy the
    fascinating view of the Boka Bay, the castle walls of the Old Town, the fortress rising high on the hill above the Old Town, but also the inaccessible mountains with dense forest. At the distance of a few meters from The  complex there is a tourist path of 5 km where you can take a walk through a relict forest and get some fresh air.  

    The project is 8 km away from the international airport of Tivat. 

    For detailed information, and to schedule your apartment viewing, please contact our property advisors at Our team speaks fluently English, French, Montenegrin and Serbian.

    Pricelist & Availability

    Buildings 1 & 2 are sold

    Building 3

    No:  Floor:   Type:   Total area:  Price (€): Availability:
    3.0.1. Ground Studio 33 m2 105.600 Available
    3.0.2. Ground 3-bedroom 192 m2, terrace - 417 m2, garage - 19 m2 804.500 Available
    3.0.3. Ground 1-bedroom  64 m2 140.800 Available
    3.0.4. Ground 2-bedroom  136 m2 299.200 Available
    3.0.5. Ground 1-bedroom  53 m2 121.900 Available
    3.0.6. Ground Studio 37 m2 / SOLD
    3.1.1. 1st floor Studio 33 m2 105.600 Available
    3.1.4. 1st floor 2-bedroom  137 m2 315.100 Available
    3.1.5. 1st floor 1-bedroom  61 m2 183.000 Available
    3.1.6. 1st floor Studio 37 m2 85.100 Available
    3.2.4. 2nd floor 2-bedroom 136 m2, garage - 19 m2 341.400 Available
    3.2.5. 2nd floor 1-bedroom  61 m2 195.200 Available
    3.2.6. 2nd floor Studio 37 m2 88.800 Available
    3.2.7. 2nd floor 3-bedroom 198 m2, garage - 19 m2 490.200 Available
    3.3.8. 3rd floor 1-bedroom 91 m2, terrace - 76 m2, garage - 19 m2 506.450 Available
    3.3.9. 3rd floor 2-bedroom 154 m2, terrace - 124 m2 509.410 Available

    Building 4

    No: Floor: Type: Total area:  Price (€): Availability:
    4.-1.1. Basement 2-bedroom  127 m2 279.400 Available
    4.-1.2. Basement 1-bedroom  82 m2 254.200 Available
    4.0.3. Ground 2-bedroom  181 m2 416.300 Available
    4.0.4. Ground 1-bedroom  111 m2 / SOLD
      Ground Garage 19 m2 15.000 Available
      Ground Garage 19 m2 15.000 Available
    4.1.5. 1st floor 2-bedroom  144 m2 331.200 Available
    4.1.6. 1st floor 1-bedroom  68 m2 224.400 Available
    4.1.7. 1st floor 1-bedroom  83 m2 273.900 Available
    4.1.8. 1st floor 1-bedroom  52 m2 119.600 Available
    4.2.9. 2nd floor 4-bedroom 253 m2, garage - 24 m2    622.200 Available
    4.2.10. 2nd floor 2-bedroom 149 m2, terrace - 283 m2 602.840 Available

    Building 5

    No: Floor: Type: Total area: Price (€): Availability:
    5.0.1. Ground 1 bedroom 73 m2 219.000 Available
    5.0.2. Ground 1 bedroom 64 m2 192.000 Available
    5.0.3. Ground Studio 31 m2 71.300 Available
    5.0.4. Ground 1 bedroom 64 m2 140.800 Available
    5.1.1. 1st floor 1-bedroom 73 m2 219.000 Available
    5.1.3. 1st floor Studio 38 m2 87.400 Available
    5.1.4. 1st floor 1 bedroom 64 m2 140.800 Available
    5.1.5.&5.2.5. 1st floor 2 bedroom 173 m2, terrace - 426 m2, garage - 16 m2 804.900 Available
    5.2.3. 2nd floor Studio 40 m2 128.000 Available
    5.2.4. 2nd floor 1 bedroom 64 m2 192.000 Available
    5.3.6. 3rd floor 3 bedroom 273 m2, terrace - 385 m2, garage - 16 m2 997.500 Available



    No: Type: Total area: Features: Price (€): Availability:
    3.3.8 1 bedroom 91 m2, terrace 76 m2, garage 19 m2 Panoramic sea view 506.400 Available
    3.3.9 2 bedroom 154 m2, terrace 124 m2 Sea ans mountain views 509.400 Available
    4.2.9 4 bedroom 253 m2, 24 m2 garage Sea view 622.200 Available
    4.2.10 2 bedroom 149 m2, 283 m2 terrace Panoramic sea view 602.800 Available
    5.3.6 3 bedroom 273 m2, 385 m2 terrace, 16 m2 garage Panoramic sea view 997.500 Available

    *Current prices may vary depending on the phase of construction.

    Responsibility and purchase costs details
    Notary cost, Real estate transfer tax, and legal costs are entirely cover by the purchaser. No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of information, which is based exclusively upon details conveyed to ourselves by our client. No responsibility is accepted for the completeness, correctness or the up-to-dateness of this information. The right to effect prior sale is reserved. Agency commission fee is paid by the seller.


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Responsibility and purchase service cost
Notary cost, Real estate transfer tax if any (can be none or 3%), and legal costs if any, are entirely to be covered by the buyer. Resido Montenegro d.o.o. bears no responsibility for the correctness of here published information, which is based exclusively upon details conveyed to ourselves by our client/owners. Resido Montenegro d.o.o. has no obligation to update, modify or amend this document or to otherwise notify a reader of any matter stated herein, or any opinion, projection, forecast or estimate set forth herein, urbanistic and cadaster information or modification or subsequently becomes inaccurate. The right to effect prior sale is reserved. No agency commission is charged to a buyer | Agency Fee is paid by the seller(s).

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