Contemporary residential complex with outdoor pool, Kavač

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  • Tivat riviera,
  • Under construction
  • From: 19 m2 To: 38 m2
  • Start: 01 Mar 19 End: 31 Dec 21


Main Amenities

  • Pool
  • Parking
  • Sea view
  • Residential complex is perfectly situated between the yachting paradise of Porto Montenegro and the historical old town of Kotor, whilst affording easy access via Tivat airport (2km). From Adriatic heights you can easily explore the historic coastal towns of Kotor (3km) and Budva (24km).

    The project's mountainous position also offers nature lovers a land of majestic extremes, with its lofty plateaus, deep gorges, river canyons and glacial lakes. Its highest mountain in Durmitor, Bobotov Kuk, peaks at over 2000m and offers a winter wonderland for skiers and hikers alike.

    Kotor is a city steeped in tradition and history, with remarkable scenic views. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the old city was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is filled with medieval architecture and historic monuments. Extending over four kilometres, the city walls that have protected Kotor for centuries lead up to the fortress of Saint Ivan.

    Budva’s Old Town is a Venetian maze of cobblestone streets, anchored by the 15th century citadel. A tourist Mecca, Budva comes alive at night, whilst in the summer months, it boasts beautiful and modern-equipped beaches with an unforgettable atmosphere. Tivat international airport, provides flights from many European countries. And your transportation to Adriatic Heights is both quick and comfortable.

    Property highlights:

    *Pool with fabulous sunset views over the Adriatic sea.

    *Dedicated reception service towards you and your guests.

    *Cleaning and laundry service available, allowing you and your guests to enjoy your time in comfort.

    *Selection of studio, 1 bed & garden apartments.


    Block B

    No: Floor: Type: Total area (m2): Price (€): Availability:
    B1 Ground floor 1 bedroom apartment 24,92 m2  (incl. 7,5 m2 terrace) 79.000 Available
    B2 Ground floor Studio 28,16 m2 (incl. 5,5 m2 terrace) 89.000 Available
    B3 Ground floor Studio 28 m2 (incl. 5,5 m2 terrace)   SOLD
    B4 Ground floor 1 bedroom apartment 25 m2 (incl. 7,5 m2 terrace)   SOLD
    B10 2nd floor Studio 37,34 m2 115.000 Available
    B14 3rd floor Studio 37,34 m2 115.000 Available
    B16 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment 25 m2  (incl. 2,64 m2 terrace)   SOLD

    Block C

    No: Floor: Type: Total area (m2): Price (€): Availability:
    C1 Ground floor 1 bedroom aparment 24,92 m2  +7,5 m2 garden 79.000 Available
    C2 Ground floor Studio 19,18 m2  + 5,5 m2 garden 60.000 Available
    C3 Ground floor Studio 22,9 m2 + 5,5 m2 garden 73.500 Available
    C4 Ground floor 1 bedroom apartment 37,8 m2 + 7,5 m2 garden 120.000 Available
    C6 Ground floor 1 bedroom aparment 24,92 m2 + 7,5 m2 garden 79.000 Available
    C7 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment 25 m (incl. 2,6 m2 terrace)   SOLD
    C8 1st floor 2 studio apartments 37,37 m2 115.000 Available
    C10 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment 26 m2  (incl. 2,6 m2 terrace) 70.000 Available
    C13 2nd floor 1 bedroom apartment 25,46 m2 (incl. 2,6 m2 terrace) 76.000 Available
    C15 2nd floor Studio 19,12 m2 57.500 Available
    C24 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment 25 m2  (incl. 2,8 m2 terrace)   SOLD

    *Completion of work for blocks B and C is planned for June 2020. 

    Block D


    Floor: Type: Total area (m2): Price (€): Availability:
    D1 Ground floor One bedroom apartment 30,35m2+ 23,32m2 garden 90.000 Available
    D6 Ground floor Two bedroom apartment 62,95m2 + 45,98m2 garden 185.000 Available
    D7 First floor Two bedroom apartment 61,60m2 (incl. 5,84m2 terrace) 170.000 Available
    D8 First floor One bedroom apartment 27,06m2 (incl. 3,57m2 terrace) 75.000 Available
    D12 Second floor Two bedroom apartment 61,6m2 (incl. 5,84m2 terrace) 170.000 Available
    D13 Second floor One bedroom apartment 27,06m2 (incl. 3,57m2 terrace) 75.000 Available
    D17 Third floor Two bedroom apartment 61,6m2 (incl. 5,84m2 terrace) 170.000 Available
    D20 Third floor One bedroom apartment 26,41m2 (incl.2,92m2 terrace) 75.000 Available

    *Completion of work for block D is planned for December 2021. 

    *Current prices may vary depending on the phase of construction.

    *Special Mention:
    Property Transfer Tax Free (no 3% to pay when purchasing a property in this development)

    For further information, or a property viewing, please contact our property advisors on




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