Complex Soho City in Bar

Excellent Location ● Premium-Class Residential Complex ● Lovely Sea Views ● Children's playground ● Bike Path ● Reception ● Security Service

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  • Bar,
  • Under construction
  • From: 36 m2 To: 245 m2
  • Start: 31 Jul 18 End: 31 Jul 18



  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • Kids playground
  • Description

    Bar is rightfully considered one of the sunniest places in Europe with 270 sunny days a year. Water temperature around 24-26 degrees and endless olive and fruit groves make this city a unique location for an informative and health-improving vacation.

    Soho City, the new elite residential complex is located on the best location in Bar, 250 m from the seashore. The complex will consist of two modern-style buildings with a total of 224 residential units (studios, one bedroom, two bedroom and luxury apartments) ranging from 36 to 245 m2, a spacious park area with children's playground, bicycle path, pedestrian zone with a large fountain in the center as well as a pets walking area.

    Both buildings within Soho City complex will have spacious halls, reception desks and security service.

    Business premises will be on the ground floor: restaurants, boutiques, beauty salons, premium class grocery stores, fitness center, etc.

    On the roof of both buildings there will be an open terrace with pools, a leisure area and summer kitchens - available to owners of luxury apartments on the top floor of the complex.

    Large parking lot will be available to buyers in addition to an underground garage.

    Soho City project is a 21st century trend: high-tech comfort and convenience among splendid nature is yet another sound proof of investment attractiveness of this unique region. The residential complex was designed for the comfort of its residents, and has been thought out down to the last detail. It is filled with exquisite components, so that you can enjoy life there without leaving the complex.

    The completion of works is planned for 31.07.2019.

    For further information please contact us on

    Availability Pricelist

    Building 1


    No: Floor:  Type:  Total area (m2): Price (€): Availability:
    T1-1 1st floor Studio 40,10   SOLD
    T2-2 1st floor 2-bedroom 79,77   SOLD
    T3-3 1st floor Studio 35,91   SOLD
    T4-4 1st floor Studio 40,16   SOLD
    T5-5 1st floor 1-bedroom 64,60   SOLD
    T6-6 1st floor 1-bedroom 65,19   SOLD
    T7-7 1st floor 1-bedroom 65,42   SOLD
    T10-8 1st floor 3-bedroom 112,84 180.544 Available
    T10-9 1st floor 3-bedroom 112,84 180.544 Available
    T7-11 1st floor 1-bedroom 65,42 98.130 Available
    T6-12 1st floor 1-bedroom 65,19   SOLD
    T5-13 1st floor 1-bedroom 64,60 96.900 Available
    T4-14 1st floor Studio 40,16   SOLD
    T3-15 1st floor Studio 35,91   SOLD
    T1-18 2nd floor Studio 40,10   SOLD
    T2-19 2nd floor 2-bedroom 79,77   SOLD
    T3-20 2nd floor Studio 35,91   SOLD
    T4-21 2nd floor Studio 40,16   SOLD
    T5-22 2nd floor 1-bedroom 64,60   SOLD
    T6-23 2nd floor 1-bedroom 65,19   SOLD
    T7-24 2nd floor 1-bedroom 65,42 111.214 Available
    T10-25 2nd floor 3-bedroom 110,89   SOLD
    T10-26 2nd floor 3-bedroom 110,89   SOLD
    T7-27 2nd floor 1-bedroom 65,42   SOLD
    T6-28 2nd floor 1-bedroom 65,19   SOLD
    T5-29 2nd floor 1-bedroom 64,60   SOLD
    T2-35 3rd floor 2-bedroom 79,77   SOLD
    T4-37 3rd floor Studio 40,16   SOLD
    T5-38 3rd floor 1-bedroom 64,60 106.590 Available
    T11-39 3rd floor Studio 33,51   SOLD
    T8-41 3rd floor 2-bedroom 77,32 139.176 Available
    T4-47 3rd floor Studio 40,16 66.264 Available
    T1-50 3rd floor Studio 40,10 66.165 Available
    T1-51 4th floor Studio 40,10 70.175 Available
    T2-52 4th floor 2-bedroom 79,77   SOLD
    T3-53 4th floor Studio 35,91 64.638 Reserved
    T4-54 4th floor Studio 40,16   SOLD
    T5-55 4th floor 1-bedroom 64,60 116.280 Reserved
    T13-67 5th floor 2-bedroom 80,44 148.814 Available
    T4-70 5th floor Studio 40,16 76.304 Available
    T5-71 5th floor 1-bedroom 64,60 129.200 Available
    T11-72 5th floor Studio 33,51 67.020 Available
    T8-74 5th floor 1-bedroom 73,33 153.993 Available
    T11-78 5th floor Studio 33,51 67.020 Available
    T13-83 6th floor 2-bedroom 80,44 156.858 Available
    T3-85 6th floor Studio 35,91 74.693 Available
    T11-88 6th floor Studio 33,51 72.047 Available
    T12-89 6th floor 2-bedroom 95,84 207.973 Available
    T3-96 6th floor Studio 35,91 70.025 Available
    T14-100 7th floor 1-bedroom 77,77 167.206 Available
    T5-101 7th floor 1-bedroom 64,60 142.120 Available
    T15-102 lux 7th floor 3-bedroom 245,02 539.044 Available
    T16-107 lux 8th floor 3-bedroom 210,79 526.975 Available
    T5-108 8th floor 1-bedroom 64,60 161.500 Available
    T17-109 lux 8th floor 3-bedroom 237,23 593.075 Available

    Commercial spaces:

    No: Floor: Type: Total area (m2): Price (€): Availability:
    1 Ground Commercial space 114,99 229.980 Reserved
    2 Ground Commercial space 61,27 113.350 Available
    3 Ground Commercial space 56,25   SOLD
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